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Through a partnership with Crossroads Software, the Covina Police Department is able to provide access to collision reports on-line. This service is available if the collison was investigated by the Covina Police Department. If the collision occurred outside the city or was investigated by another agency, you must contact that agency for a copy of the collision report.

The fee for using this on-line service is $10.00 plus .10 cents per page.  This fee is payable to Crossroads Software using a Visa or MasterCard credit card.  You will be able to view, print and save an Adobe PDF copy of the report as well as receive an email copy of the report.  In order to obtain your report on-line, you will need specific information to use the system.


You will need two of the four items listed below

  1. The Covina Police Department case number
  2. The street upon which the collision occcurred
  3. The last name of one of the invovled parties
  4. The last name of the owner of one of the involved vehicles



If you received a report form documenting your collision similar to the one shown on the right, this is the entire report and there is no need to obtain a copy using the Crossroads Software, unless you have lost your copy or the information is difficult to read.


To begin using this service, click Get a Collision Report.

If you would prefer, you can request a copy of the collision report in person at the Covina Police Department. For information on how to request a copy of a report in person, click HERE.