Pay a Parking Ticket

If you received a parking citation within the City of Covina, you can now pay on-line using your credit card, make a payment over the phone, or utilize the police department lobby kiosk.  

To pay a parking citation:     Please select Pay a Parking Ticket below or call toll free (877) 236-2958.

To appeal a citation:      Please select Contest a Citation below. 

Citation appeals must be submitted within twenty-one (21) days of receiving the citation.

If you have been issued a Disabled Person Placard and have received a citation when you have failed to display such a placard, the following information is required to cancel the citation:

  •             Copy of valid Disabled Person Placard
  •             Copy of Disabled Person Placard Identification Card / Receipt
  •             Copy of identification or driver’s license for Disabled Placard Owner

Additionally, an administrative fee (per 40226 CVC) of $10.00 is required in order to complete processing cancellation of the citation.

To access the Covina Municipal Code to research a citation appeal, please visit

To access the California Vehicle Code to research a citation appeal, please visit

For any further questions, the Records Division of the Covina Police Department is available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.