The Personnel Advisory Board consists of five members.  Appointees are required to be residents of
Covina and cannot hold a salaried position with the City.

The members serve four-year terms and are appointed by the City Council.

The Board meets in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 125 East College Street, Covina, at a time
designated by the Chairman.  Meetings are held only upon occasion of certain grievances filed by
employees of the City.  Meetings are typically held during normal business hours and occasionally on
a Saturday.

Closed sessions may be held to consider the appointment or dismissal of a public employee, or to hear
complaints or charges brought against an employee by another person or employee, unless the
employee requests that the matter be conducted publicly.

Meetings are subject to a formal agenda noticed publicly in advance and formal minutes are also
prepared as a public record.
The duties of the Personnel Advisory Board are established by Covina Municipal Code Section
2.36.040; however, the scope of the assignment is limited by the Personnel Rules.  Under the Personnel
Rules the Board shall hear appeals of Type II Grievances resulting from disciplinary actions including,
but not limited to, suspension, demotion or termination.