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Important Information - Before you Apply

Personal Appearance / Tattoo Policy / No Exceptions:While on duty or representing the Department in an official capacity, tattoos, body art, body piercings or alterations of the body visible in department issued and authorized uniforms or attire is prohibited. Attempts to conceal tattoos, body art, body piercings or alterations of the body using “Arm bands”, bandages, or any other means is unacceptable. This means tattoos on the hands, fingers, neck and face are disqualifiers. Tattoos on the arm below the length of the short sleeve shirt will require an employee to wear a long sleeve uniform shirt, regardless the summer temperature (no exceptions). If you do not qualify based on this policy please do not apply.

NOTE: THE HIRING PROCESS IS THE SAME FOR MOST POSITIONS. The exception is officer positions, which additionally require the physical agility test indicated below. 

Application Review

When a recruitment opens for available positions at the Covina Police Department, a limited number of applications will be accepted. The number of applications accepted will vary depending upon the number of positions we are seeking to fill. Once the desired number of applications have been received, the recruitment will be closed and testing will begin. Applications are carefully screened by City of Covina Human Resources and/or Police Department personnel, and some candidates will be eliminated. Those that aren't eliminated will be invited by mail, email, or telephone, to participate in the next step of the hiring process. It's critical that applicants provide an accurate email address on their application, and it's critical to ensure their email system will accept emails from Calopps.org. Some email filtering systems may impede our ability to reach applicants through email.

Written Test

Most police department positions require applicants to pass a written examination as part of the hiring process. The written test measures an applicant's ability to effectively read and write, process information, multi-task, and tests other related knowledge.

Physical Agility Test (Police Officer Recruit and Reserve Officer Positions - ONLY)

For Details about the Physical Agility Test for officer candidates, go to [Police Recruit Testing]

Oral Board / Interview Panel

Applicants who successfully pass the written test (and Physical Agility Test if Applicable) will be invited to participate in the Oral Board / Interview Panel. Interview panels typically consist of one member from the City of Covina Human Resources Department, a supervisor from the Covina Police Department, and a supervisor from an outside agency. The Interview Panel minimally looks for and evaluates an applicant's existing job knowledge, job preparation, ability to verbally communicate, and success potential. Applicants that pass this portion of the process are placed on an eligibility list and may or may not be invited to participate in the Pre-Background Interview process, depending on their position on the list, and the need of the department to continue testing.

Pre-Background Interview

The Pre-Background Interview is conducted by the Professional Standards Sergeant at the Covina Police Department, along with his/her designee(s). The purpose of this interview is to further evaluate an applicant's motivation and success potential, as well as gain insight into an applicant's personal history in an effort to assess his/her ability to pass a rigorous background investigation. 

Background Investigation

Background Investigations are assigned to one of two retired law enforcement officers with extensive investigative experience. The investigation requires full disclosure by the applicant and includes an applicant's completion of a written Personal History Questionnaire, which addresses topics such as alcohol and drug use, law violations, employment performance, credit history and more. Questionnaires will be sent and interviews will occur with family members, neighbors, friends and associates, co-workers and former co-workers, supervisors and former supervisors, among others. Applicants will also be required to submit transcripts, complete a polygraph test, and more as required by the Background Investigator. Completed backgrounds are reviewed by the Professional Standards Sergeant, two Captains and the Chief of Police, before an applicant is considered for the Chief's Interview.

Chief's Interview

The Chief of Police is the appointing authority at the Covina Police Department. The Chief of Police may invite an applicant in for an interview with him and his designee if the background file warrants further consideration for the position. The Chief of Police will assess the applicant's potential for success, and may make a Conditional Offer of Employment.

Conditional Offer of Employment

Applicants hired by the Chief of Police are done so conditionally, as applicants may be required to pass a physical examination and psychological evaluation by licensed professionals.

[Click Here to a list of open recruitment positions and to Apply - Be sure to read the qualifications and DO NOT apply if you do not meet them]