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TFO_with_background_shadow4Air support is a valuable law enforcement tool.  Law enforcement helicopter pilots and observers are able to provide ground officers with increased perspective of ground activities, such as vehicle and foot pursuits, suspect containments, and yard searches for fleeing suspects.  Their assistance improves the safety of the officers on the ground and the citizens we serve.


The Covina Police Department has joined with other San Gabriel Valley Law Enforcement Agencies and formed the Foothill Air Support Team (F.A.S.T.).  There are currently nine San Gabriel Valley cities participating in F.A.S.T, which is coordinated by the Pasadena Police Department. Along with coordinating the program, Pasadena PD provides the helicopters and pilots.  The trained observers who accompany the pilots and perform the role of monitoring all the police frequencies as well as coordinating with ground units, are from the agencies participating in the program.  The F.A.S.T. program is designed to provide helicopter support to agencies in the program during the weekend evening hours where it has proven to be a valuable tool. As a result of the City of Covina’s participation in F.A.S.T., Covina police officers are able to obtain air support during times not covered by the program.  Another benefit of having an officer involved in air support operations is our officers receive ongoing training on the capabilities and limitations of the helicopter and its personnel. landing2


Important Note: When any law enforcement helicopter is overhead in your neighborhood or place of business, it is often because officers on the ground are conducting a high risk operation, looking for a felony suspect, or other activity which poses a danger to you.  The Covina Police Department suggests that during these times you secure yourself comfortably in your home or business.


In these situations, you may be tempted to call the department to find out what's happening.  Please understand that our dispatch center will be busy assisting officers and may not have the time to properly answer your questions.  Also, your call may prevent them from receiving a call that may assist officers with the incident.  If you observe suspicious activity that you feel may be related to our enforcement operation, please contact us as soon as possible.