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Halloween Safety Tips

The Covina Police Department wants families to enjoy a safe and fun-filled Halloween. We offer the following safety tips to our Trick-or-Treaters and families:

Have a responsible adult supervise Trick-or-Treating children

Costumes should be flame retardant, utilize reflective tape/material for visibility, and fit properly so the child can see

Do not permit Trick-or-Treaters to carry sharp objects

Leave your dog at home, pets can get nervous on crowded sidewalks

Carry a flashlight

Walk, do not run, and keep a watchful eye for vehicles and other pedestrians

Trick-or-Treat in groups if possible, and in familiar and safe neighborhoods

Remind children to stop at well-lit homes and never to enter a stranger's home

Be polite and respectful to others

Inspect all treats before eating them, if in doubt, throw them out

Motorists drive slowly and cautiously! Trick-or-Treaters will be out

Are You Prepared for Earthquakes

The Great California ShakeOut! Federal, State and local emergency management experts and other official preparedness organizations all agree that "Drop, Cover and Hold On" is the appropriate action to reduce injury and death during earthquakes. The ShakeOut is our opportunity to practice how to protect ourselves during earthquakes. The link below will take you to a page that explains what to do and what not to do.

[The Great California ShakeOut]

Water Payment Scam Alert

Covina Water Utility customers have become potential fraud victims in a water payment scam operation. Unknown subjects have made calls to some Covina Water Utility customers stating hat the customer has a high water usage on their account, creating a so-called violation. The subject who identifes themselves as an empoyee, indicates that they will come to the resident's home to collect a $500 fine for water violations. 

The City of Covina has a process in place to provide warnings, before a graduated citation process is initiated. Fines begin at $50 per violation, with a maximum fine of $250 per violation for repeat violators. If a customer receives a citation, the citation amount is added to your water bill. No Water Utility employee will ever arrive at your door and ask for direct payment of a fine. For additional information please contact Global Water Fathom at (855) 354-7579 or the City of Covina Public Works (626) 384-5230. If you are victim of a water payment scam in the City of Covina, please contact the Covina Police Department 24 hours dispatch at (626) 331-3391.

Overnight Parking Permits

Effective Thursday January 2, 2014, Daily Temporary Overnight Parking Permits can only be purchased by credit/debit card using the machine to the front of the Covina Police Department, located at 444 N. Citrus Avenue, in Covina. The change to a cashless system willl provide a more efficient system, since the old system was unable to provide change for cash paying customers. If you have any questions, contact the Covina Police Department Records section for assistance, 626-384-5656.

Coyotes in Covina

Coyote sightings are on the rise in Covina neighborhoods. The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control offers a number of reporting guidelines for coyotes seen in your neighborhood. [More info]