Critical Information Notification
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There are many good and generous citizens of Covina that are willing to donate and support good causes. The Covina Police Department would like to remind Covina residents to be careful with telephone solicitors that ask for donations, identifying personal information and credit card information.

Often, telephone solicitors will use the word “police” as a buzz word to get the attention of citizens they are soliciting because they know that many people support public safety. Often, solicitors will invoke the name of the local police agency in order to lend some legitimacy to their organization. Recently, an organization calling itself Police Expo or Police Exposition has had representatives calling Covina residents asking for donations to their organization.  This organization is not affiliated with the City of Covina, the Covina Police Department or the Police Association of Covina and is in no way endorsed by the City or its agents.

The Covina Police Department recommends against giving out identifying personal information or credit card information over the telephone. Additionally, be wary of the “hard sell” tactics of some of these solicitors, who will volunteer to send out a representative immediately to pick up a check from you.

The best course of action to take if you are contacted by a telephone solicitor via cold call is to defer donating until you have had the opportunity to check out the legitimacy of the organization. Internet searches, Better Business Bureau references or even a call to the Police Department can help to ease your suspicions or confirm them.

Should you suspect that you have been the victim of a solicitation scam or if you have questions about a solicitor that has used the name of the City of Covina, the Covina Police Department or the Police Association of Covina, please contact the police department at 626-384-5808.