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Water Conservation Ordinance

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the Public Works Director has declared a Level One (I) Water Supply Shortage effective May 20, 2013.  This is due to a reduced supply of water from our primary water source, as well as ongoing drought conditions.  We need your help conserving to ensure that all of our customers have the water that they need, when they need it, especially in an emergency.

Ongoing water conservation requirements that are already in place, include:

No automated irrigation between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.;No excessive water flow or runoff;No washing down hard or paved surfaces; andLimiting unattended irrigation to 15 minutes per station per day.

The Level One Shortage requires additional conservation measures.  Now, the following restrictions will also apply:

Irrigation is limited to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only (does not include hose with shut-off nozzle or buckets); and leaks must be repaired within 72 hours of notice from the City.   

Violations are subject to fine, penalty assessment or possible criminal prosecution.

Covina is committed to conservation, regardless of drought conditions.
Click here to view the restrictions in the Covina Water Conservation Ordinance in its entirety.  Thank you for conserving. 

Question:  Why should I worry about conserving water?Water money savings

Answer: Water conservation is the least expensive means in which to stretch our current supplies -- either imported or local.   Imported water supplies are currently stressed due to environmental conditions in Northern California and along the Colorado River Aqueduct, and local supplies are being used to meet the needs.  Local supplies cannot keep up with the demand and the need for imported water generates increased costs and the need for costly infrastructure repairs and additions.


Water Conservation Tips

For conservation information or for available rebates on water saving devices and appliances visit:


Please also visit the following resources for more water saving advice:

Water Use It Wisely
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How to Conserve Water in the Bathroom                        

To monitor your water usage online, register your Covina Water account at: https://covina.gwfathom.com

Water Leaks

You may be losing valuable water to leaks. Your new auto-read water meter makes it easy to determine if there is a leak in your home or business in a few steps:

1. Remove the black lid on the solar cell so that light reaches the cell.


2.  Check the leak icon.


If there is a leak, click here for information on fiixing leaks around your home.

For additional information on your new auto-read water meter, click here.

For information on your meter’s accuracy – click here



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