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Currently shopping and laundry carts are being removed from businesses and are being discarded on public right of ways and private property. Not only are abandoned carts unsightly to our community, they pose a safety hazard when blocking pedestrian or emergency vehicle access. In maintaining the harmony and aesthetic continuity for the residents within the City of Covina, the City has adopted a Shopping Cart Containment and Retrieval by Owners ordinance. The purpose of the ordinance is to set forth regulations where owners and operators of businesses are responsible for the care and control of their shopping carts through a Cart Containment Plan or a Cart Retrieval Plan. Retailers who provide six (6) or more shopping carts for their patrons use are required to participate in either a Cart Containment Plan or Cart Retrieval Plan.

Retrieval of abandoned shopping carts is the responsibility of the merchant.  The City of Covina does not retrieve shopping carts. Most merchants subscribe to a service. For carts from Albertsons, K-Mart, Ralphs, Sav-On, Staples, Vons, and 99 Cent Stores, call (800) 252-4613 and report the location.  Carts from Gigante, call (626) 588-2060. For other carts, call the merchant directly.



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