Beverage Container Recycling Program Changes PDF Print E-mail

Effective November 1, 2013, certified recycling centers will no longer pay commingled rates for aluminum, glass, PETE, or HDPE loads of beverage containers from consumers. Effective November 1, 2013, recycling centers will only pay segregated rates and only for loads of CRV-eligible containers. For more detailed information, please review the attached Segregated Notice. (Eng/Spn)


The law change does not affect commingled rates for curbside programs, certified drop-off or collection programs, or community service programs. CalRecycle will continue to reimburse these programs using commingled rates. 

Consumers that have been receiving payment for commingled materials may now need to find alternative means of recycling non-CRV materials.  Certified Recycling Centers may opt to pay scrap value for these materials, but are not required.  Consumers may place non-CRV materials in their curbside collection containers or utilize special collection programs.  

For the new rates and recycling facilities please click here.