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Programs and Projects

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Resources

Green Apps

There are thousands of different apps on the market for Droids and iPhones to help make our lives simpler; but there are also tons of great apps out there that can not only help you but also the world we live in. Downloading apps that could help save the environment just got easier! Here are a few green apps to download:

Visit ecosalon for 6 apps to help you go green everyday!
Check out Cleantechies for 4 more great environmental apps. 

Water Conservation Resources

Water Conservation in Covina

State Agencies

California Energy Commission
California Flex Your Power
California Independent Systems Operators (ISO)
California Public Utilities Commission
California Power Authority

Federal Agencies

EPA Energy Star
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Environmental Services

Air Quality
Stormwater Pollution Prevention