Industrial Waste Permit (Non-Domestic Waste Water) PDF Print E-mail

The City of Covina is required, by State mandate, to protect the health and safety of the public while ensuring that the wastewater collection systems and treatment plants are not unduly impacted by discharges from industrial users.

An industrial user is a discharger of any water bearing waste other than domestic wastewater or of wastewater generated from household-type operations performed at commercial establishments for, or to support, commercial purposes. Businesses that are industrial users are required to obtain a Non-Domestic Wastewater Disposal Permit from the City of Covina.

Existing and new businesses in the City of Covina are required to review the requirements set forth in the Industrial Waste Program Ordinance as specified by Ordinance No. 08-1953 and amended with Ordinance No. 10-1982 in Title 13 of the Covina Municipal Code and determine if they are required to comply with the ordinance. Examples of businesses that are required to apply for an industrial wastewater discharge permit are (but not limited to) metal finishing and plating shops, car washes, food service establishments, (restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, etc.) laundries and printed circuit board manufacturers.

Please contact Environmental Services Division of the Public Works Department if you have questions or are not sure if you are required to apply for a permit. To find out more about the permit, click here.