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Do you have books, CD's, DVD's, or audio books that you no longer use? The Covina Public Library is happy to accept good quality material donations on an appointment basis!

Material donations provide an important source of growth, enrichment and funding for the Library. Material donations assist the Library in adding important titles to the collection, meeting the demand for multiple copies of popular titles, and and often serve as replacements for lost or damaged materials. If donations are not suitable for the collection, they will be used in other ways to support the Second Start Literacy Program and The Friends of the Covina Public Library.

If you have materials you would like to donate, please call (626) 384-5297 to schedule a drop-off. Drop-off appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday, 9 am- 12:45 pm.

While the Library appreciates all donations, there are specific guidelines for donating materials. Materials must be in good condition, free of odor, mold, bugs, damage, etc. Materials must be in clean paper/plastic bags or boxes.

Materials most highly desired:

  • Hardcover fiction (2005-Present)
  • Hardcover nonfiction, especially gardening, self-help, health
  • Paperbacks
  • Children’s books

Other acceptable materials:

  • Reference materials
  • Cliff or Monarch Notes
  • VHS Tapes, DVDs, CDs and Audio Books and Tapes
  • Magazines
  • Puzzles with all pieces in original undamaged box

Unacceptable Materials:

  • Textbooks and Teachers’ manuals
  • Weekly news and investment magazines that are time sensitive
  • Pornographic material
  • Encyclopedias