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The Political Reform Act of 1974 requires persons holding specified public offices to file disclosures of investments, real property interests, and income within specified periods of assuming office, leaving office and annually while holding office.

Access and E-file a 700 Form

The Filer Access Portal is a web-based, data entry filing system that allows individuals to submit their Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) to the electronic filing system. Click here to enter the Filer Access Portal.

Public officials that are identified under Government Code Section 87200 file their Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) with the City Clerk, which is the filing officer.  A copy is retained in the City Clerk's Office and the original is forwarded to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).  Additionally, candidates for Covina elected position are required to file a Statement of Economic Interest with the City Clerk's Office no later than the final filing date of the nomination period.  Employees designated in the Covina Conflict of Interest Code and certain consultants who hold positions that involve making or participating in the making of decisions, which may foreseeably have a material effect on the holder's financial interest must also file.  Click here to view a copy of the City of Covina's current Conflict of Interest Code.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 87505, below is a list of names and position titles for each of the elected offices identified in G.C. Section 87200.

Elected Officers
John C. King - Mayor
Kevin Stapleton - Mayor Pro Tem
Walter Allen, III - Council Member
Peggy Delach - Council Member
Jorge A. Marquez - Council Member
Geoffrey Cobbett - Elected City Treasurer






 Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700's) are public documents and any member of the public may inspect and request a copy of any statement.  Forms must be made available as soon as possible during regular business hours.  Please visit the Covina City Clerk's Office to request a copy of a Statement of Economic Interest at 125 E. College Street, Covina, California 91723.

Copies of Statement of Economic Interest forms may be obtained at the office of the FPPC located at 428 J Street, Sacramento, California 95814.  Additionally, certain local government elected officers statements are available in electronic format on the FPPC's website: