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McDonoughSergeant Jim McDonough began his career with the Covina Police Department in October, 1985. Prior to becoming an officer for the Covina Police Department, Sergeant McDonough was an officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. Sergeant McDonough also served honorably in the United States Air Force before becoming a police officer.

While assigned to the Patrol Division, Sergeant McDonough worked as a police officer, D.A.R.E. officer and a Canine Handler. Sergeant McDonough was also a School Resource Officer. Sergeant McDonough transferred from the Patrol Division to the Detective Bureau where he was assigned to the Narcotics detail.

Sergeant McDonough promoted to his present rank in March, 2004. After promoting to his current rank, Sergeant McDonough was assigned to the Patrol Division as a Field Supervisor. Sergeant McDonough also worked in the Professional Standards Bureau, investigating complaints against department personnel.