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Ca_Mem-wreathOn July 3, 2006, the Covina Police Department laid to rest Sergeant Scott Hanson.  Sergeant Hanson was the first Covina Police Department officer to die in the line of duty as the result of a collision that occurred on August 14, 2003.  Sergeant Hanson fought valiantly for almost three years before succumbing to the injuries he sustained in the collision.  He was a 20 year veteran of the Covina Police Department.

Scott Hanson was a true hero. He participated in the many events at Barranca Elementary School that included The Egg Drop, The Family Camp Out, and Reading with the Kids. He also helped organize the disaster training for the staff in the auditorium and encouraged participation between the school and police department.  He often showed up in uniform as he could only stay a short time; however his presence was always welcomed by the children and parents.  He had a group of kids he called his "lambs".  He watched out for them like a guardian. Since his children, Andrew and Sarah, both attended Barranca School, he often showed up to games or school projects in uniform.  His presence instilled in the children that the sight of a police officer was a friend and not a threat.  His gentle nature welcomed everyone, including the homeless. One day, at a local church, Scott assisted a homeless man into the bathroom to get cleaned up. Actions such as these captured the compassion of a man who was dedicated to serving the community with honor and integrity.

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